PBR Tutorials & Resources

There are various tutorials and resources that explore and explain the PBR process far better than I ever could. Instead of trying to explain things myself, I thought it would be better for everyone if I just pointed to some excellent Physically-Based Rendering resources and let you have a go at it that way. 🙂

PBR Theory by Marmoset:

This article covers some of the theory behind the PBR process.

PBR in Use by Marmoset:

Takes a more hands-on approach to PBR including the whole Physically-Based Rendering creation process.

Unreal Engine and PBR:

The folks at Epic talk about a basic PBR workflow with Unreal Engine.

Unity PBS Breakdown:

Unity uses what they call PBS or Physically-Based Shading, and this is a good read on their approach.


Like Unity, CRYENGINE uses a Physically-Based Shading workflow or PBS. There is some good information here about what needs to be done.


I’ll be added resources and tutorials here in the future as well as things evolve. Do you have a resource that you think might be good for PBR users? We would love to hear from you.