Free PBR Materials introduction

FreePBR.com is a site dedicated to the video game development community who are looking for quality texture maps using a PBR workflow. We love the idea of supporting indie game developers with free content for their video games.

Are theses PBR game texture sets really free? Can I use these PBR textures for free in my games?

Yes. These PBR textures map sets are free to use in your games with no cost involved. Even if you make money off your video game, it's all free. Our only requirement is that you may NOT redistribute these PBR file sets on other sites, file sharing sites, email, and so on. We will keep the source files on freepbr.com only folks. 🙂

What are the technical details?

Basically we have created zip files with a normal map, albedo map, roughness map, metallic map, ambient occlusion map, and height map. These files are set at 2048x2048 pixels in PNG format. We have also focused our energy in using the PBR UE4 ( Unreal Engine 4 ) workflow which uses a roughness / metallic workflow. That said, you can also use these textures in other game engines like Unity and CryEngine.

We are far from perfect

While we like what we are offering, we are not releasing a perfect product. Feel free to let us know what we need to improve on. We can always do better, and would love to hear from you. That said, please be polite and constructive.

What would we appreciate from game developers or anyone who appreciates what we do?

We would LOVE it if you could spread the word about our site through social media, emails, blog posts, and so on. The more the merrier. 🙂 Feel free to link to us and talk about us.