4K Rocks Super 16 Pack

$19.00 $7.00

Get our “4K Rocks Super PBR Pack” and support us! Offering 16 useful unique textured rock models in FBX format, this 1.6gb package does a good job of adding detail to your renders and game levels.



You will be provided with the following in FBX format:

Rock1: 512 tris
Rock2: 768 tris
Rock3: 1040 tris
Rock4: 428 tris
Rock5: 768 tris
Rock6: 1690 tris
Rock7: 1092 tris
Rock8: 980 tris
Rock9: 1706 tris
Rock10: 1228 tris
Rock11: 384 tris
Rock12: 768 tris
Rock13: 464 tris
Rock14: 640 tris
Rock15: 1439 tris
Rock16: 1884 tris

Each model comes with the following PBR maps:

Albedo/Color PNG @ 4K
Roughness PNG @ 4K
Metalness PNG @ 4K
Smoothness in alpha of Metallic PSD @ 4K
Normal Map for DirectX @ 4K
Normal Map for OpenGL @ 4K
Ambient Occlusion @ 4K

*Because this rock pack is so big, it will be split into 2 zips. 🙂 Our server doesn’t appreciate files over 1gb. LOL.