4K FBX Rocks Super 16 Pack

$7.00 $3.00

Get my “4K FBX Rocks Super 16 PBR Pack” which gives you 16 unique rock models for your 3D projects, and support me! These useful unique textured rock models are in FBX format and range from about 500 to 1500 tris each. This 1.6gb package does a good job of adding detail to your renders and game levels.

Did you know users download 100s of gigs of PBR texture sets for free every month? That’s awesome! It does take up serious bandwidth though, so would you consider helping me out a bit? Thanks so much for considering supporting the site. 🙂



Each model comes with the following PBR maps:

Albedo/Color PNG @ 4K
Roughness PNG @ 4K
Metalness PNG @ 4K
Smoothness in alpha of Metallic PSD @ 4K
Normal Map for DirectX @ 4K
Normal Map for OpenGL @ 4K
Ambient Occlusion @ 4K

*Because this rock pack is so big, it will be split into 2 zips. 🙂 Our server doesn’t appreciate files over 1gb. LOL.